Sitting in the train to Brussels, I was listening to this podcast I like by Courtland from IndieHackers. Courtland speaks regularly to ‘internet business entrepreneurs’ — people who have made or are running a business that’s entirely on the internet.

For this particular podcast, Courtland was talking to Tobias van Schneider, a very interesting person who is the founder of Semplice and has worked at Spotify (as the Lead Design guy) in the past. It’s an interesting podcast in any case, but one thing that struck me was their advice on consistency. Whether you want to ensure more Twitter followers, start a podcast, grow a newsletter, or, such as in this case, build your blog, the one thing you need is consistency.

With that, they mean that you need to publish your blog articles (or podcast, or tweets, or whatever) consistently. Even if you have an off-week and your writing is horrible, still try and publish the latest article on your blog on the same day every week. Consistency is key — and it allows you to properly build an audience.

So with that in mind, here’s my first blog article in a long time. My first blog was set up at the start of 2017, to take part in the blogging-money-making-craze that is espoused by people like Neil Patel or Ramit Sethi. Now I’m not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing — making money with a blog is awesome, and there’s plenty of good examples out there (take ShoutMeLoud as an example).

But… considering I waited a few years with posting this, I don’t think it’s something that’s really meant for me. Or for many others, for that matter. I believe that if you want to set up a blog and work at it consistently (like Tobias and Courtland advise), it has to be something that is relatively close to your heart. It has to be about you, yourself and your passions.

So in that line of thought, I’m aiming to revive my blog and the accompanying newsletter, and I want to ‘just start writing’. Here, I’ll write about anything that I find interesting. Me, personally. If that’s something that you like reading, then all the better. And if this blog will be quickly forgotten, lost in the ages, part of ‘internet dust’, then… I guess I should be fine with that too. But before going further into my thoughts, inspirations, musings and insights, let me first explain who I am and what this blog will cover.


A Blog About… What?

So, what will this blog be about? As indicated, all articles that will appear on this blog, will somehow be related to things that I find interesting. And at this moment, things I find most interesting are:

  • Blockchain and decentralized projects
  • Entrepreneurship, side-projects and online businesses
  • Happiness
  • Personal development (and its issues)
  • Books

So that’s what I’ll write about. From my experiences founding Infloat (a blockchain consultancy) to an online business (or business opportunity) that I’m engaged in, I’ll give you anything that’s interesting, and, hopefully, fun to read.

For now, I won’t go into details about exactly who I am, how you can contact me or what I like doing in my spare time. I’ll leave that for my about page. But if you’re interested in following my blog, I’d feel honoured — please sign up to my newsletter or follow me on Twitter. See you on the other side.