About Jochem Gerritsen

Hi there! Welcome.

I use this website to showcase my writing and experiences, documenting my ‘entrepreneurial journey’ and educating others at the same time. I suppose there are hundreds of websites like this one and ideally I’d tell you what makes this one so good.

But let’s just say this is my MVP and I haven’t really defined my USP yet other than it being a blog from a Dutch guy with a passion for entrepreneurship, personal development and happiness.

Perhaps my USP is that I’m able to use two startup-related acronyms in one sentence. Hurray!

Having said that, this blog is about me, my opinions and my views on things. And with ‘things’ I mean entrepreneurship, startups, tech, cool (SaaS) tools, books, and anything else I find interesting.

So who am I? I’m just a Dutch guy with an unpronounceable name (see the domain name) and broad interests, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I founded a community for entrepreneurs (Enter Network), a company called Infloat which we decided to sunset, and I currently work as a remote-first freelance content, product and project manager (see more here). Besides doing work for my regular clients, I like to work on new projects, this blog and I write Unrestricted: a weekly newsletter with exclusive content.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a starting freelancer, I’m always keen to hear about new ideas, companies, ventures, cooperations, partnerships and coffee-drinking opportunities. So if you got one of those, shoot me a message at:
hi [at] jochemgerritsen [dot] com.

That’s it! Good luck in life and thanks for visiting!